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I have come from Assam, and really impressed by Dr Kunal Patel. As a doctor, he is best. He provides you tests when required only. He understands the patients by heart. Very friendly nature. Helpful. Available. Excellent doctor I have met. Very nice person as a human being. You can consult him without any hesitation.

Dhritiman Sharma

My mom was under the guidance of Dr kunal patel for right hip hemiarthroplasty dr kunal patel and his team of drs were very good the surgery was successful they took lot of care of my mom were very polite and we're always ready for help dr kunal patel is the best orthopaedic in Apollo

Munira Fakhri

Recently had my shoulder repair as well as ACL repair surgeries under Dr Patel and undoubtedly, is an excellent orthopeadic surgeon. He had time to explain each steps of the procedure and answers to all my questions. Excellent care and support during and after surgery. Highly recommend to anyone in need of expert orthopaedic care.

Rocky Donald