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PCL Reconstruction

Posterior Curiate Ligament in one of the four major ligaments of the knee and limits the backward motion of the shinbone. If the ligament is mildly damaged or stretched the knee joint will be stable. A partial tear is more serious and a complete tear makes the knee joint unstable. Injuries may be caused by accidents, vigorous sports activity etc. PCL injury causes knee pain and swelling. Depending upon severity of injury you may have stiffness, pain and instability leading to limping and difficulty in walking.

PCL reconstruction is an arthroscopic surgery and involves reconstruction of the torn ligament with tissue from another part of the body.

Post surgery you will have to maintain your knee in full extension supported by a knee brace for 2-4 weeks. You should not bear any weight on the leg and should always place a pillow for support under the tibia for 2 months.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation after 2 months will help you regain strength.